Advertise At YXC

The Canadian Rockies International Airport is visited by more than 135,000 passengers annually. Travellers arrive to the airport from a variety of places, both nationally and internationally. In addition to the travelling public, a number of “meeters and greeters” visit the airport to pick up family, friends, and business associates.

YXC offers a variety of advertising opportunities including wall and carousel signage; window, door, floor, and carousel decals; sponsorship, and website ads. Click here to download our detailed advertising package.

All advertising agreements at the Canadian Rockies International Airport are secured on an annual basis beginning January 1st, and ending December 31st. Agreements which are entered mid-year will be prorated. Agreements take the form of an “Advertising Permit” that is unique to YXC. The permit holder is responsible for the design, purchase, and installation of their advertising media.

Please contact Airport Administration at [email protected] to secure your advertising space.

Commerical & Industrial Land Development Opportunities

YXC recently re-zoned 52 acres for commercial and industrial airport land development. Interested parties should contact Tristen Chernove, Managing Director, for more information.