Travelling With Pets

Looking to fly with your furry friends? 

Space for passenger's pets cannot be booked online with Air Canada or WestJet and space is not guaranteed. Passengers will have to contact the airline directly to book cabin or cargo space for their pets. Each airline has different requirements for travelling with animals due to various types of aircraft, and it is recommended that passengers read all of the information provided before their departure. There are also certain seasonal restrictions due to weather and the temperature of the cargo-hold; and destination restrictions based on what country/countries you are flying to or through. 

If you are flying with a service animal or a working animal (police dog, military dog, etc.) there are special requirements that the animal must meet before boarding. It is recommended that passengers with these animals contact the airlines directly after booking their flights to ensure their animals meet the necessary requirements and that all paperwork is completed prior to departure. 


Air Canada:

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* Please note that there are no designated spaces for pets prior to entry through security. Once passengers are through the security screening, there is nowhere to let your animals out and they must remain in their carriers at all times in the boarding lounge.